The future of public relations

My guest post on Tom Foremski’s Silicon Valley Watcher today.

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I spend as much time as possible pursuing my interests in global culture, photography, arts and politics.
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1 Response to The future of public relations

  1. marsha shenk says:

    As a Business Anthropologist, I agree that there’s been a sea-level change. It goes deeper than PR, and it impacts PR deeply.

    It demands that companies engage in dialogue – that they do their own listening as the concerns of key segments re-morph in a shifting world.

    And it demands the skills and ingenuity to respond – not just with ‘messaging’- with engaging real time via new media that will reveal opportunities for new value to be delivered – or not.

    Can expert PR people help? As always, like Kathleen in this article, they can point to actions that will bring advantage.

    The demand for new types of skills and new types of thinking is often unpopular. As always, those who seize the moment will gain advantage.

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