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3 Responses to Contact

  1. robertreynolds says:

    i would have loved orchestre boabab
    sorry i missedit
    sounds like victoria was fun
    how i get to see you sometime soon
    piZza at kens?
    chicken wings at pok pok?

  2. jane lasky says:

    Kathleen: I was looking for salient points on what red flags to look for when voting for Obama (which I will do) and came across your blog. Great insight/analysis! Hope you remember me; I think of you often as I try to manage my way through life (ever a challenge) since we were last in touch so many years ago. Please write to me ( so we can catch up. I see you have a daughter in college; I have a son in college too. We can compare notes. And, no, he is not Gerry’s offspring. More on all that when we meet online. Fondly, Jane

  3. Jennifer says:

    Kathleen, It’s always so good to have a read of your always so interesting thoughts and comments. It’s good to know someone around here is thinking and working on things. I hope you don’t mind me sending your blog onto some friends who will certainly appreciate your comments and wisdom. And humour, a little bit more humour.
    Here in Italy we get the backslag of Obama, wow change is going to happen somewhere else, so maybe it will happen here! But nobody is doing anything…sorry wrong about that. The extreme right administration in Verona has decided to close Palazzo Forti, the Gallery of Modern Art, because it spent too much and didn’t bring in the dough. As you might know art and culture is not always a big McDonald’s bash. They are selling the building, which was donated to the city in 1937. How can they????Protests and more protests. But the Mayor plugs on and does his cultural cleanup. And of course, my contract won’t be renewed as spending money on consultants in culture is wasting money, of course. So that is life. As of January I will be a stay at home mom and creative person who just might read for 6 months.
    Fondly, ciao, Jenny

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