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Festival de Cannes

One of the perks of being a full-time resident of Nice is the privilege of attending the Cannes Film Festival for free. Ok, it’s not exactly free because you have to apply for accreditation in the category of “Cinéphile” which … Continue reading

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Ozu’s “Late Spring”

Some time ago I watched Yasujiro Ozu’s “Late Spring” again, in part to examine the parallels between that beautiful film from 1949 and a French one released in 2008, “35 Shots of Rum” by Claire Denis. In the bonus section … Continue reading

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Andrei Tarkovsky and Italy

Years ago I saw a film by the unique, mysterious cinema artist Andrei Tarkovsky that included an early scene at an Italian hot springs town. What was immediately arresting about the scene was the film’s image of the town, which … Continue reading

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Often it is only shared blood that constitutes the basis for a group of people to be called “family.” Sometimes a family is emotionally stronger for lack of blood ties. Which ever it is, family is such a fundamental concept … Continue reading

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