This summer I went swimming. I went swimming in the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Seas, and in the Rivière d’Auray in Brittany.

For the first time in more than two decades, I also did a week of yoga. There were meridians shiatsu sessions involved too, as part of the retreat package. The latter was a little woo-woo but I just went with it. You know what? There’s something to it.

The best thing about the retreat was that it took place in a quiet spot on an island in Croatia, on the Dalmatian Coast. For nine days, from our lodging in a stone house at the end of a tiny peninsula, our group participated in a morning yoga session and an afternoon shiatsu session, and in-between we all swam in refreshingly cold, cristalline water or lounged in a comfy chair under the shady pines with a good book (bouquiner).

Prizba bay from our lodging

The wifi network was super spotty, there were no shops other than a teeny grocerette with mostly junk food, and only one decent restaurant so we had zero distractions in the environment. I would just sit and stare at the gorgeous scene for ages. As it turns out, it was the best thing ever. Remember daydreaming?

I experienced it as a pleasant and unexpected stopover in my journey through mourning. The old life will always co-exist with the new. But I will pick up my camera again. There will be happy times again.

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I spend as much time as possible pursuing my interests in global culture, photography, arts and politics.
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13 Responses to L’escale

  1. Lynn Blasberg says:

    Kathleen you are the most adventurous person I know, I admire you and love you 😘

  2. Thank you for this commentary, Kathleen. I’m soooooooooo glad you gave this to yourself and am excited that you will be photographing again–soon, I hope. I always look forward to your creative expressions. Be well, my friend.

  3. Gary says:

    It does sound like a great experience. And that water!

  4. Diane says:

    This retreat sounds so exquisite, and by the way, just exactly the right tonic. There’s just so much beauty, right in our own proximity. Especially yours. So thrilled that you went. I’m rooting for you!

  5. Karen McKay says:

    That sounds so wonderful Kathleen. There will be good times again and I sincerely hope to be part of them!

  6. Ted Wolf says:

    This is a lovely post, Kathleen, and wonderful to imagine you having this experience in a tranquil, beautiful place.

    What was the island? Bellingham has strong connections (fishermen) to the island of Vis, near Split.

  7. Ian says:

    It’s great, Kathleen, to see that you have taken up swimming again, and that you are doing some travelling as well. Perhaps you will become one of those “wild” swimmers, taking to the waters 12 months of the year, in moats, ponds, even chilly lakes and rivers? You could try the Polar Bear Dip in Vancouver, on Jan 1st of each year. Very bracing I would imagine!

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