Le Mise au Jour: the update

The “confinement strict” is for two weeks.  It can be extended, of course.

It goes into effect at noon today. These are some of the rules and provisions:

You must not go outside unless it is for food, medication or medical reasons.
Resident VISA (Titre de Sejour) are all extended for 3 months.
You may only call a doctor, you may not visit this doctor unless they say you can.
This is for at least 15 days and may be renewed by the French government.
All borders have been closed and non essential travel stopped. There will be checks and fines issued for breaking these restrictions.
The government has told landlords not to charge rent.
You can go out to walk your dog.
EU borders are closed to non-EU citizens.
A military hospital in Alsace is being made available for critical cases. (That’s kind of far from everywhere.)
100,000 police and gendarmes are being deployed to enforce the terms of the confinement.
It is unclear if we can go out, individually, to take a walk. That will probably become clear in a few days.
Day one of my confinement schedule has gone well.  My daily shop is done. The Met Opera’s “Carmen” is streaming (on pause at the moment, of course). Exercises were invigorating. Two video chats with friends are on the docket for later today.
cafe in the time of coronavirus, Nice, France

A shuttered café in Nice, France.

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5 Responses to Le Mise au Jour: the update

  1. binx says:

    Hard to realize this is our new dispensation. Thanks for this concise reportage! As we say in French, courage!.

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  2. Sounds somewhat like here, but no real enforcement. And it’s beginning to look like they’re talking into July/Aug. here. Ouch!

    I hope you both stay healthy!

  3. Ian Wallace says:

    Folk in Vancouver are also tuned in to Carmen. Maybe the confinement will not be too bad after all!

  4. cichand says:

    Hang in there Kathleen. We are fortunate to have the 4 of us here together to keep stimulated and enjoy each other’s company. My day consists of sleeping in until 8 and then enjoying coffee and catching up on news. David and I go out for a slow walk several times a day. He’s walked a full block and is feeling good. I work out in the afternoon and then watch a few Netflix documentaries. You might enjoy Tango in Halifax on Netflix-a lovely story about romance and family dynamics. One of us makes dinner each night and Sarah works on jigsaw puzzles and the rest of us watch a movie together. This is only day 2. Sarah is off school until April 13 but the CA Governor might extend school closures through June. Panic buying seems to have calmed down. Toilet paper, disinfectants and peanut butter seem to be out a lot. But we are fine and able to shop. The shut down is not as severe is Nice.

    David is doing remarkably well. His thoracic surgeon called him today and said he was lucky to get the surgery. He squeezed in just before Kaiser cancelled all elective surgery. And Davids mitral valve repair is considered elective surgery. So all the preparations and the wait were worth it. We feel so grateful.

    We hope to be back to Nice in the first week in June. In the meantime though we are going to do a road trip in May and visit friends from Death Valley to Lake Tahoe and end up in Bend for two weeks with my sister.

    Life throws us curves…but I’m so happy we made the decision to come to LA for surgery. Life is just easier and I love being with family.

    My best to both of you. We miss you. Cicely

    Cicely Hand Sent from my iPhone 07 67 40 09 24


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