Les Fêtes

Nice, France

Airplane in the clouds, Nice, France, December, 2019

Tomorrow we are leaving on the proverbial jet plane, coming back again before the New Year. We’ll be traveling through the dreaded Heathrow airport at the worst travel time of the year to visit precious family in Edinburgh. The weather there is forecast to be dark and dreary, all the more reason to spend time over tea and conversation in one of the lovely museum cafés. That’s the greatest gift I can image.

We are fond of Edinburgh, and the Scots. They remind me of the unpretentious folk of Portland before the big in-migration from the East. The architecture is grave, and uniform, but evocative of the thriving Georgian and Victorian eras. The individual neighborhoods have their own character and claim to ancient lore, with plaques here and there commemorating it, and the city is one of the most walkable anywhere. Plus, I really like bagpipes and kilts.

Dean Village, Edinburgh

Dean Village, the waters of Leith, Edinburgh on New Year’s Day 2017

Back home in Nice, people will be celebrating with parties galore and feasts of oysters, foie gras, rich cakes and champagne. Then they’ll walk it off along the sunny Promenade, giving friends encountered along the way warm bisous and seasonal greetings. The French Riviera sun is almost always the biggest Christmas gift for the locals.

We’ll leave the sun for the warmth of a different kind. Perhaps next year we’ll be gifted with both.

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12 Responses to Les Fêtes

  1. Kelly Blunt says:

    Wishing you luck getting there! I love Edinburgh, even though I don’t know it as well as you. Have a lovely holiday.

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  2. Ruth Miller says:

    You LIKE bagpipes???

  3. Thanks for this reminder about how I’ve longed to photograph people in small villages and pubs of Scotland, following the lead of another famous photographer of the last century–whose name I’m (obviously) forgetting just now.

    Thank you for yet another sterling voyage and superb photos!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY 2020 to you and David.

  4. Ian Wallace says:

    Merry Christmas, Kathleen, David, Francesca, and Paul! It will be a great time for you all. And you will enjoy wonderful sleeping as you will not be disturbed by early morning sunshine.

  5. Barbara says:

    Have a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends and a hopeful, happy new year. Thede had minor surgery which will keep us home this year, but I spent a great few days in Brooklyn with Rose and her hubby just last week, and Pearl was here with her family for Thanksgiving. Molly and her family chose Italy and skiing, but there are plans to see her here in May. Bottom line is all is good on a personal level.

  6. Gary Grossman says:

    Wishing you and David a wonderful holiday!

  7. Lynn Blasberg says:

    Dear Kathleen and Dave, Here’s wishing you both (and Francesca and Paul) a Merry Christmas. So happy you can spend the holidays together! Miss you both. Stay well and have a happy new year. Love Lynn and Bruce

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