A few years ago, somewhere, I discovered the Breton photographer Guy Le Querrec. I was smitten. Splendidly observed for telling gesture and detail, often catching people being human in humorous ways, his photographs can be visited again and again.

guy le querrec 5

guy le querrec 1

So I was delighted that in walking distance from our rental apartment, there was a large exhibition of his works. Among his most impressive, ironically, are those taken on the Sioux reservation in South Dakota. They are mesmerizing.  They reminded me of a film I’ve recently seen, “The Rider.” Not because of the similarity of content, but because both were made on a US Indian reservation by foreigners who were able to capture something magical that might elude natives or non-native Americans.

guy le querrec 3

guy le querrec 2

guy le querrec 4

There is a lot of photography to be seen in an hour’s drive radius from Rennes. Last week we dropped into the picturesque town of La Gacilly which for 15 years has mounted a summer outdoor photography festival. There are hundreds of photographs, some enlarged to a massive scale, posted through the streets and alleys, and large field – turned – gallery where multiple artists’ projects are exhibited. For hours, I was in heaven.

Among the very impressive works was that of Mathieu Ricard, France’s most famous Buddhist monk.

La Gacilly photo exhibition, Brittany

His photographs will stay with me a long while. Humbling, humbling stuff.

Next up: the Doisneau show in Dinard.

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  1. Wonderful images, and so glad your in such a photographically rich environment, Kathleen! Keep having plenty of fun!


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