An Expat in Vancouver: A Medical Care Review


We’ve been nothing but impressed with the health care we have received since moving to Vancouver two years ago, but we haven’t been that sick so — happily — our experiences have been minimal. I can say that after hearing that we’d never get in to see a doctor in short notice, and that doctors here are reluctant to order tests, and that specialists were impossible to see within a reasonable time frame, aka sooner than 18 months, we can say that has not been our experience.

This week, my husband took rather more seriously ill and we got exposure to the local hospital. It was most reassuring.

After his doctor saw him for the third time that week and could not take his diagnosis further, she got him in to see a specialist within two hours. The specialist then sent him to Vancouver General Hospital for more tests. By the time my husband got to the ER, they had the notes the specialist had forwarded.

Yes, he was there the whole rest of the day. But they took six vials of blood for tests, put him on an antibiotic IV, took an X-Ray and a CAT scan, gave him a prescription of antibiotics to take home, and had him see doctors several times. He’s got a follow up appointment for a couple of days from now with the specialist he saw at the hospital. So, yes, it was an all day affair, with seven hours at the hospital alone, but every moment in the process was justified.

Of course, there was no paperwork on his end, no insurance forms other than showing his CareCard, and no money turned over.

I’d say our monthly contributions to B.C. Health were well spent! Best of all, my husband is feeling better.

Now, I know that if I needed a knee or hip replacement, the wait would be very long. That is less than perfect. But based on what we’ve experienced so far, we feel we’d be very well seen after in any medical situation.

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  1. Alan says:

    That easy – reminds me of German car makers’ service plans. You pay up front and simply drop the vehicle off.

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