An Expat in Vancouver: The Trees of Kitsilano


If like me you love trees, especially big old gnarly ones, a walk through Kitsilano in springtime is for you. And today I just discovered this handy dandy walking map of the trees in the area. However, it does not seem to identify the trees on each street, which are quite varied. For that, you need to be accompanied on your walk with the Baedeker of tree touring in the city, “The Trees of Vancouver” by Gerald Straley.

Both of these documents will be with me on the next clear weekend day, when I will clear three hours off my calendar to finally come to know my neighborhood’s trees.

Next, I have to find out who put up the dozen or so birdhouses in the trees at Larch and 10th.


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2 Responses to An Expat in Vancouver: The Trees of Kitsilano

  1. Love this picture – it’s perfect!

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