An expat in Vancouver: going east to the Okanagan

From our patio on the Naramata bench looking upon Lake Okanagan

We’ve had a dry, sunny August and September summer season, which has afforded us plenty of time outdoors. I like to be on the water, and to explore, so we spent a week in August where we’d never been, the Okanagan.

The Okanagan is known for dry, hot summers; loads of wineries and orchards; and a placid lake. We were lucky to have chosen to stay in Naramata, which turned out to be the quietest area on the entire lake, and one with no tourist infrastructure at all unless you count the one general store, the little cafe and the only paddle board/kayak rental place which sit on the road leading to the lake.

Days were spent gazing out at our rental home’s patio views, peering into the brush in hopes of a black bear sighting (we were rewarded, and in fact said bear loped through our yard regularly to help himself to the apricot and plums in the mini orchard), hanging out at the lake, fixing meals at home with local fruit and produce, and, on our last day, visiting a lavender farm, two pottery studios and a few local wineries. I highly recommend the Nichol pinot gris and gewurtraminer.

Naramata lavender farm

Despite the relative solitude, the two teenage boys with us found plenty to do on the lake, supplemented by a ride or two into Penticton for the multiplex and tube float. I think our dog had the best time of all though…twice daily swims. For a water dog, that’s unbeatable.

dog paddling on Lake Okanagan


Naramata sunset

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