An Expat in Vancouver Favorite Eats cont’d: Suika

Everyone knows you can get excellent Chinese food in Vancouver. And one of the best Indian restaurants in North America, it is widely perceived, is Vij’s. Chefs at the best of these establishments can be very creative in putting together their fabulous meals.

But before moving here, I didn’t realize that there are also loads of Japanese restaurants here.

Sushi joints are on every block, practically, but quantity does not mean quality. I’m doing my due diligence and seeking out the great ones. More on that when I have something to report.

It took me a while to find an izakaya I really liked but happily when I did, it ended up being in my neighborhood. Suika is about a year old, and it got a lot of attention when it first opened and for some reason (probably how busy I was trying Chinese and Indian food) I only made it there this week.

Clams on udon noodles at Suika

It was crammed, predominantly with Japanese. I’d say that speaks for authenticity. We had a smattering of their small plates (some weren’t so small, btw) and there wasn’t one that disappointed. Rich broths, vegetable fritters, pressed sushi, ramen, a clam and udon dish that was reminiscent of Italy’s clam and linguine dish, and matcha cheesecake were tasty enough to linger in our memories days later. So we have to return.

Pressed sushi

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