An expat in Vancouver first impressions Summer

Mt. Pleasant summer flowers

You have to experience full on summer in Vancouver to understand why its inhabitants are so faithful to the city through ten months of rain.

It is glorious.

Rumor has it that no one in Vancouver has a full-time job. Certainly I’ve heard many people complain that their M.D.s and naturopaths are only available a few days a week, because they are busy living “real life” on the other days. Freelancers, who like me presumably like having control over their work hours, are plentiful here. And on a sunny day, there’s an unmistakeable hustle and bustle in the streets starting in the early afternoon as people get home from work to pick up their outdoor gear: kayaks, paddleboards, rowboats, skis, snowshoes, walking sticks, roller blades, bikes and running outfits and split off in various directions toward shore or mountain.

In the summer however it really feels like the city is on holiday most of the time. The beaches are full, the pubs spill out into side patios, boats fill the creeks and inlets. It is one huge playground.

players on Jericho Beach in July

My favorite way to spend a weekday is: an early walk with the dog in the cool morning air and warm first rays of sun, followed by a lunch time stroll to the park, a canoe ride in Fraser Creek or a walk through Queen Elizabeth Park, capped by a stroll along the seawall at dusk.

And there have to be a few nights on Kits Beach to capture the sunset.

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