An expat in Vancouver first impressions: Canadian politics

I have not been resident here long enough to make meaningful impressions, except to say that politicians argue, debate and fight here as much as anywhere. They don’t seem to sling mud (or worse) and make personal attacks and outright lie.  Politicians here might be called mediocre, or banal, and charisma-free, but I haven’t noticed anyone being accused of being a radical, a non-citizen, Hitler or a devil. (Stephen Colbert has a view of “Chaonada” that is making the rounds.) Corrupt, yes. Out of touch, yes. A traitor, no.

There’s an election coming up, the fourth in seven years, and the opposition parties (the liberals) seem to have finagled it

Stephen Colbert parodies the upcoming Canadian election.

in a way that does not earn them respect, but the outcome seems to be predetermined in favor of the current ruling party (the conservatives).  It should not come as a surprise to anyone that the electorate is most concerned about money: the economy, government spending and the safety net. Thankfully, the campaign season will last not much more than a month.

For an enlightening and entertaining review of Canadian politics by Michelle Dean go here. And to see which Canadian politician you are most likely to vote for go here.

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