Victoria: Top Eats IV

Looks like my posts on “Victoria Eats” have largely been about drinks. So here’s one on more solid matter.

Our tour through the Cowichan Valley and its vineyards and ciderworks also took us past Hilary Abbot’s creamery. We weren’t able to stop, but later that day we found ourselves on Cowichan Bay where Hilary’s Deli offers a bountiful assortment of his cheeses (and those with provenance from elsewhere). Hilary is one of those intrepid artisans who is reviving the lost art of cheesemaking on the island. He’s well on his way.

Here’s a generous plate of washed rind and blue examples, with slices of baguette from the wonderful bakery next door. I’m used to what Portland considers a cheese plate: $15.00 for three tablespoon-sized dollops. You get a big, lingering mouthful at Hilary’s.

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