Violence on the border

As Arizona gets ready for a new law to go into effect that penalizes employers of illegal (Hispanic) immigrants, California is the launchpad for illegal attacks into Mexico. I’d say that takes vigilante justice a tad too far.

Now, the Mexicans cross illegally, yes they do. But to work for us. And mostly, they work their asses off. Our illegal attacks occur only to HURT them, and to show them we hate them, in case they didn’t know. Maybe the Commander in Chief ought to send in the National Guard…oh, wait, wrong century.

I just keep asking myself: What have we Americans become? Certainly we’re less “christian” than ever, despite what savethemiddleclass has to say in this comment to the ABC story:

“If the present trend of illegal alien growth continues, the US will be a third-world country by the year 2040. I do not believe it is ethical to leave our children and grandchildren a third-world country when we have the power to stop it. We do not have to “house” everyone’s mother, father, brother, and sister in this country. How many are you providing housing to in your home (something to consider). Third, who appointed you as the judge of people’s motivations (ie, racist)? I am a Christian and my guidebook (the Bible) states that no one except God has the right to judge anyone’s motivation.”

Note to savethemiddleclass: if we become a third world country it will be because of an unscientific approach to problems of climate change, foreign oil dependency, education, health, innovation and social conflict, all problems not being taken seriously while people take pot shots at economic refugees.

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