Nicole Kidman and the Ideal of American Womanhood

There is one other reason, besides food, that I prefer to shop at New Seasons or Whole Foods rather than the older supermarket chains. Before the racks of celebrity rags at Safeway and Albertsons, my appetite always dissipates to be reminded that American womanhood is in such crisis. Look no further than the once fabulous Nicole Kidman on the current cover of Vanity Fair, to see how even a woman of enormous artistic talent who is economically secure can be so afraid of maturing that she gives up her face, and in the process IMHO, her individuality. Take her collagen plumped skin, the jowls that have been cut away, the eyes no longer heavy lidded, the strangely full lips, and at age forty, brand new breasts. Her skin looks younger than it did 20 years ago. People, this is like building towns in the desert — it is not meant to be! Nor is it sustainable. What will she do when she turns 50?

The main reason I used to enjoy watching Kidman was her actor’s face…now encased in rigor plasticus and devoid of any personality, mystery or honest beauty.

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2 Responses to Nicole Kidman and the Ideal of American Womanhood

  1. Marshall Kirkpatrick says:

    Great post, Kathleen. Writing these things while working in the field of corporate communications is particularly appropriate. Keep it up!

  2. Mark I. says:

    What Kidman has done to herself is freakish and really unfortunate. I thought she was stunning the way she was and aging, IMHO, was only making her moreso.

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