Restoring the travel experience?

After making it plain all summer they deserve the same fate as the US auto industry, the US airline industry is going to be facing some overseas competition. I, for one, am delighted at the arrival of Virgin America.

First, they refer to passengers as “guests.” What a concept.
Second, they put a stake in the ground and promise to offer the lowest fares. That’s value. Check this out: $44 from SFO to LAX.
Third, they will try to offer an overall great experience. Leather seats, mood lighting, connectivity everywhere, on-demand entertainment, “fresh food.” (Make that organic and they’ll really set themselves apart.)
Four, they know how to communicate to their “guests.” Check out the web site.

Now, I have to say I flew Virgin a few times in and out of Heathrow, and it was not great. I did have extra legroom and the food selection was broader than normal, but the attendants had attitude and there were not enough toilets on the aircraft.

But the US airline industry is now so plainly not interested in its customers, I’ll give Virgin a shot. I might even join their frequent flier program.

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I spend as much time as possible pursuing my interests in global culture, photography, arts and politics.
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