San Miguel

Getting ready for a family Christmas trip south of the border. For years I’ve nurtured a desire to visit San Miguel de Allende, where long ago a painter friend spent a year and returned quite inspired by the experience. I have always enjoyed my trips to Mexico. Once I attended a U.N. conference in Mexico City, and a participating junior U.S. Congressman who had done his Peace Corps service there pointed out that it has everything you’d want in a travel destination — art, antiquities, nature, cuisine, beaches, an opportunity to explore a foreign language.

Sadly, it also has strife, standards of hygiene that can adversely impact a traveler, and crime. These prevent Mexico from becoming appreciated for its gifts outside the beach resorts.

But in San Miguel, we plan to take advantage of 75 degree weather, art galleries and Spanish colonial architecture, outdoor cafe tables overlooking the Jardin, nearby hot springs, a Unesco World Heritage Site neaby attraction, Guanajuato, and some real Mexican slow food.

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I spend as much time as possible pursuing my interests in global culture, photography, arts and politics.
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