Not my favorite activity. But when the time comes, it must be done. However, this time, I refuse to buy something I don’t like just because I need something. I’ve been wearing the same two sweaters for weeks now and they’re getting a little ratty but its better than shelling out good money for ill-fitting, synthetic, poorly stitched, so ugly yo’ mama-wouldn’t-wear-them substitutes. I’ve been to great stores and “value” stores and boutiques and department stores and sales and holiday collections everywhere I go I see the same dark hues and saggy seams. Dullsville. Depressing.

This isn’t what shopping should be about. It feels like an insult bobbing in and out of store displays: insulting to my unwillingness to join the fray of the fiscally irresponsible, to my aesthetic sense, and to my desire to get that anthropologist-certified pulse-quickening that is supposed to occur when buying new clothes.

To a degree, it is true that what you wear is a statement about yourself. So why would I wear the unimaginative, unstylish, immature garb out there?

If I can’t have fun with fashion, at least I can avoid feeling like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes. My purchase

1. Red Cross T-shirt. I love the seasonal green and red combo and the classic cross icon. And buying it definitely puts my money where my mouth is.
1 Criterion Collection T-shirt. Nice agate gray atypical of the watered down shade on suits and turtlenecks all over Nordstrom’s. The slightly kinetic, askew “C” is in a hip platinum shine. And it is classic, as in Criterion’s mission: saving and promoting great cinema.
1 Pearl Bakery t-shirt. In a trendy, flattering color, a rich brown! And what could be more classic than bread?

And they go with everything…

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I spend as much time as possible pursuing my interests in global culture, photography, arts and politics.
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