Perro Mexicano y los Perros Yanqui

Our dog lives a charmed life. A doted-upon life. It makes us feel guilty sometimes, because she lives so much better than most people on this earth. And it goes without saying that she lives better than most dogs too. Like this street dog in Mexico.

And then I think of the members of the U.S. Congress who just cut even more taxes for the rich, through the removal of the inheritance tax, while denying an increase in the minimum wage.

The minimum wage is set at $5.15 an hour meaning if you work a 40-hour week your weekly salary, before taxes, is $206, seriously below a living wage. Furthermore, the New York Times today reports that 83% of Americans support raising it by $2.00, which would provide a weekly salary of $286.00. But Republicans won’t even allow the issue to come up for a vote. After all, somebody has to pay taxes. And it’s not the rich, who with this latest bit of largesse from our elected representatives will hold on to another $760 billion over the next decade.

At least I have some shame for having so much when so many have much less. It makes me work harder at not being part of the problem. The GOP has no shame at all. What a cynical, nihilistic lot.

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1 Response to Perro Mexicano y los Perros Yanqui

  1. brian says:

    We should add hypocritical to the list of Republican failings, since they claim to be so Christian in their view. I’m still trying to find the passages in the bible where Jesus advocates stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. Must have missed that one. Certainly he appreciated a poor beggar woman’s farthing over the rich people’s all-for-show gold. It’s sad how little has changed.

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