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An expat in Vancouver: Train travel

Now that airfares are beyond what’s reasonable to pay, I’ve been forced to resort to the Amtrak train for my Vancouver to Portland travel. There is really just one daily train: the #513 Cascades departing at 6:40am from the Main Street … Continue reading

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An expat in Vancouver first impressions: food

I’ve only been in Vancouver a week, so as the post title states these are first impressions. We’ll see how they stand up to time. Diversity Vancouver is practically synonymous with diversity, and much of that comes from Asia. Yes, … Continue reading

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I’m referenced on regarding travel sites. AboutUs is a fun site where anyone can contribute an idea. 

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Slow Travel

My favorite travel websites.

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Musings on Bloomsday

Today is Bloomsday, the date of Leopold Bloom’s meanderings and musings through Dublin as created by James Joyce in the great 20th century novel, “Ulysses.” I’ve been revisiting some of my youthful passions lately — France, European painting, foreign art … Continue reading

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Ciao Firenze

It’s like an overgrowth of algae, too much of a good thing. An infestation of indestructible pests. A herd of Michelango fans. A party of gelato seekers.  A siege of shoppers. What they miss in descending on Florence in droves … Continue reading

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The Shell

Around the 12th century the representation of the shell came to symbolize Christian pilgrims, or the pilgrimage itself within Europe to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.  Not being a scholar in these matters, I can only point to others’ research … Continue reading

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