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Arrival in Nice

It’s still summer in Nice. Today’s high was 27 Celsius/80 Fahrenheit. It’s not just the temperature though. The sun is intense, lighting up the Mediterranean that peculiar and mesmerizing beautiful shade of turquoise I become seriously envious of the swimmers … Continue reading

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Leaving Rennes

It’s hard to believe we’ve only been in Rennes for two months. Hasn’t it been much longer? We’ve been very active, and we’ve paid the price. We got worn down, and feel a bit tired, but overall we are happy … Continue reading

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Random notes

We’ve been here long enough that we are going past first impressions to notice patterns of French-isms. Or maybe they are Brittany-isms. Time will tell. Some you’ll recognize, as they are Gallic classics. Others are not. Unlike the experiences we’ve … Continue reading

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Rennes 2030

You can’t be in Rennes long before you notice all the construction. Whether you enter by the train station, which is undergoing a major expansion and renovation, complete with green space for passengers awaiting departure, or by the airport, where … Continue reading

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Escape from the heat

The whole world is burning, and France is no exception. Our first week’s temperatures in Rennes made it impossible to explore the city after about noon. The only consolation came from checking temperatures elsewhere in France, where they were even … Continue reading

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Settling into Rennes, France

We are staying in a lovely, tranquil neighborhood of stone Breton houses. The roofs are quite pitched, and they are made of exquisite coal-colored tiles. From the airplane window they seemed to belong to a French fairy tale film set. … Continue reading

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I will miss Portland

I am very excited to be leaving for France. My head is filled with thoughts and images of what I will see and do. That’s not to say that I won’t miss many things about Portland, my  beautiful and nurturing … Continue reading

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